SV: Impact of mantra recital, etc.

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William F. Sands [SMTP:wfsands at MUM.EDU] skrev 11. mai 2000 17:53:
> Witzel: His [Benson's] claims therefore should be seriously compared with
> those mentioned on the list, whether consisting of just 1 or some 500
> studies...
> WS: His claims have been seriously compared with others on the list. One
> result can be found in the following paper:

I never doubted that Transcendental Meditation and similar techniques had a
positive effect on those who practiced it (otherwise, why would they
bother?), but I am curious about exactly what that they help you achieve,
if you like: what the trade-off is for the time spent meditating. If I
spend one hour a day meditating, will it save me, say, two hours of sleep?
Will it improve my productivity, etc? Any time-saving info would be
appreciated! Particularly if it is exact!

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