The caraNavyUha

Harry Spier harryspier at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed May 10 01:30:38 UTC 2000

Dear list members,

In A.B. Keiths introduction to his translation of the taittirIya saMhitA he
mentions a text the "caraNavyUha".

1) "That saMhitA [the taittirIya] must have gone back at least to the
khANDikIyas, of which the Apastambas are a subdivision in the

2) "Buhler asserts that the caraNavyUha attributes to the khANDikIyas one
and the same text, but this statement with its details which show that our
saMhitA [the taittirIya] is ment is not contained in Weber's edition of the

Can anyone give me any information about what this text, the caraNavyUha is?

Many thanks,

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