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Dear list members,

1) A vedic priest of the taittirIya saMhitA from Maharashtra has told me
that the rudram he recites is not only in the taittirIya saMhitA but is also
quoted in the satyASADha hiraNyakezin zrautasUtra.  Can someone give me the
exact reference of where in the hiraNyakezin zrautasUtra the Rudram is

2) Is the Rudram quoted there in its entirety, or only with the commencing
words of the verses?  M. Winternitz in "History of Indian Literature" vol.
1, page 276 says for the zrautasUtras of the Black Yajur Veda. "...the
zrauta and gRhyasUtras of the Black Yajurveda, give the prayers in the form
which they assume in the saMhitAs of the Black Yajurveda; and they give only
the first words of the verses or Yajus-formulas...".

3) Is the Rudram quoted in any of the other zrautasUtras of the Yajur Veda
(black or white)?  If so can someone give me the references?

4) Do the different zrautasUtras of the taittirIya saMhitA, the apastamba,
baudhAyana, bhAradvAja, and hiraNyakezin each define a different sub-school
with minor or major differences in the performance of vedic ritual or is it
the case that a vedic priest of the taittirIya saMhita who was familiar with
the hiraNyakezin zrautasUtras would also be familiar with other zrautasUtras
of the taittirIya saMhitA for the performance of his priestly duties?

Many thanks in advance,

Harry Spier
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