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Dear colleagues,
        here is the programm of an Indological Conference held
        recently in St.-Petersburg, Russia. I hope it will give you
        an idea of what goes on in the field of Indology in this part
        of the world.
        Best wishes to all,
                                        Yaroslav Vassilkov

St Petersburg, April 24-26, 2000

Venue: Dvortsovaya nab., 18, Institute of Oriental Studies (Novomikhailovsky Palace),
the Green Hall.

April 24, 2000. Monday                                           11.00
Conference Opening. Address of the Guest of Honour: Rajiv Chander, Consul General of
India at St.-Petersburg.
Mikhail N. BOGOLYUBOV (SPb State University). Avestan *dUtANho* (Y.32,1), *dUtIm*
(Y.32,13) and Anc.Ind. *duvas* 'worship'.
Tatiana Ya.ELIZARENKOVA (Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow). On the words for
*river* in the Rgveda.
Nikita V.GUROV (SPb State University). On the subsrtatum heritage in the vocabulary
of the Rgveda (in connection with recent works by F.B.J.Kuiper and M.Witzel).
Vytis VIDUNAS (Vilnius University, Lithuania). PratizAkhya of the Rgveda: Analysis of
the Structure.
Sergei S. TAWASTSTJERNA (SPb State University). Nighantu and Nirukta: some problems of
the interpretation.

April 24, 2000. Monday.                                                     15.00
Yaroslav V.VASSILKOV (Institute of Oriental Studies, St.-Petersburg). AnugItA and
BhagavadgItA: on the nature of differences.
Alexander M.DUBYANSKY (Moscow State University). On Tamil anthologies and principles of
their compilation.
Julia G.KOKOVA  (SPb State University). The BhAgavata-purANa on the acquisition of the

April 25, 2000. Tuesday.                                                       11.00
Margarita F.AlLBEDIL (Institute of Ethnology, St.-Petersburg). The Hindu "chronotopos"
and its mythological foundations.
Valdas JASKUNAS  (Vilnius University, Lithuania). Dynamics of the concept of *viraha*
in GItagovinda and in the Gaudiya-VaiSNavism.
Svetlana O. TSVETKOVA  (SPb State University). *AnuprAsa* and *yamaka* in Riti theory
or poetry.
Gyuzel' V. STRELKOVA (Moscow State University).  A modern interpretation of a classical
story ("HastinApura" - the play by Nandi Kishor Acharya).
Nadezhda V.KAPUSTINA. (St.-Petersburg). On some translations of the IzopaniSad.

April 25, 2000. Tuesday.                                                        15.00
Viktoria G.LYSSENKO (Institute of Philosophy, Moscow). The wind (vAyu) in the worldview
of the vaizeSikas.
Andrei A.TERENTYEV (St.Petersburg). The meaning of *svabhAva* in the context of the
*prasangika* doctrine.
Sergei PAKHOMOV (SPb State University). Hermeneutics of KSemarAja.
Boris I. ZAGUMENNOV (St.Petersburg). On the translations of BodhipathapradIpa" by

April 26, 2000. Wednesday.                                                      11.00.
Audrius BEINORIUS (Vilnius University, Lithuania). Interpretation of Alaya-vijnAna in
the YogAcAra works of Vasubandhu.
Andrei PARIBOK (SPb Institute of Oriental Studies). Parallels in methodology of
VyAkaraNa and Abhidharma.
Raisa N. KRAPIVINA (SPb Institute of Oriental Studies). The introductory zloka of the
4th chapter of AbhisamayAlaMkAra with a commentary.
Nadezhda V. KHOMUTINNIKOVA (SPb Institute of Oriental Studies). The activity of a
boddhisattva (according to the 1st chapter of AbhisamayAlaMkAra).

April 26, 2000. Wednesday.                                                      15.00
Tamara P. SELIVANOVA (SPb Institute of Oriental Studies).. The feudal concept of honour
in mediaeval Kasmir.
Grigory L. SEMYONOV (Hermitage Museum). Kubera in Central Asia.
Yaroslav V. VASSILKOV (SPb Institute of Oriental Studies). In addition to G.L.Semyonov's
paper: Indian inscription on a seal with the image of Kubera from Khotan.

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