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Summer Intensive Hindi-Urdu
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Hindi-Urdu 101 (no prerequisite): May 23 — June 27 (Summer Session I)
Hindi-Urdu 102: June 29 — August 4 (Summer Session II)

Aimed at beginners in Hindi-Urdu, this course will cover the material
for first- year Hindi-Urdu in two separate five-week sessions.
Foundations of grammar, listening comprehension, common idioms and
conversation will be supplemented with various audio-visual materials
including films, music, comic books and magazines, accordingly
gradated to match the grammatical progress of the students. For those
with some background in Hindi, this course will also provide an
excellent grammatical review and an opportunity to develop strong
writing skills in Hindi-Urdu. 

The course will be taught by Andrea Pinkney, currently in the Ph.D.
program in Religion at Columbia University. During 1995-1998, Ms.
Pinkney lived in Varanasi, U.P and Pune, Maharashtra studying
Sanskrit, Hindi and Urdu, in addition to conducting M.A. fieldwork on
Sikh pilgrimage sites in Punjab, H.P. and U.P. In 1998, Ms. Pinkney
completed a three year program in Hindi-Urdu from Banaras Hindu
University, obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Hindi-Urdu. 

Although the two courses are meant to be taken in sequence, special
arrangement may be made with the instructor to accommodate those
interested in joining SSII in mid-stream. 

For further course information, please contact the instructor:
amp65 at columbia.edu
For registration information, please contact: Patricia Maroney,
Departmental Administrator, Curriculum in Asian Studies,
pmaroney at email.unc.edu, (919) 962-4294

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