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Michael Witzel adds:

>As so often, I find myself agreeing 100% with Y. Vassilkov, and would just
>like to point to a similar case, published quite a while ago:
>Salomon, Richard. The Three Cursed Rivers of the East, and their
>Significance for the Historical Geography of Ancient India.  Adyar Library
>Bulletin 42, 1978, 31-60
>where  the Sadaaniiraa (in Satapatha Brahm. )  ~~ mod.Gandak(ii),
>the later Karmanaazaa (s. of Ganges, W. border of  Magadha /S. Bihar
>play similar roles as 'cultural boundaries'.

To this can also be added: Diigha-nikaaya I 52 where the view is
there attributed to Kassapa that there is no paapa in
performing various kinds of wrong action:
"if one should come to the south bank of the Ganges, slaying etc."
Or, "if one should go to the north bank of the Ganges giving, causing
to give, sacrificing, causing to sacrifice etc."

The same passage recurs (not attributed to a named individual or
school) a number of times in the Majjhima-nikaaya and

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