Etymology of the words 'vedi' in ritual context

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George Thompson wrote:

> As for the name dIrghatamasin, it is not a name that I have presumptuosuly
> chosen for myself.  No, it was, rather playfully, assigned to me by an
> Iranist, after I had suggested that the Gathic hymns of Zarathustra might

Please do not think that I had a frivolrous interest in the name you used. It
happened that a few months back I had a serious discussion (and sever difference
of opinion) with a few Sanskrit Professors, well versed in Vedas, about the
significance of the name diirghatamas. I thought because you used that name for
yourself, maybe you might have some analysis available.

> As for names, I am presently interested in the etymology of the second part
> of yours.

It is my real  first name!  In Gujarati (my mother tongue) anusvaara becomes  n

> Best wishes,
> George

I find you have not answered my questions. Are you following the Japanese method
of "killing a question" by silence?  Or, that I (i.e. HBD) can not be a
philosopher or a (what you call) vipra.h ?  Incidently I am  a vipra.h (at least
by birth and profession, though I do not have any certificate about it from
Best wishes,

--  Himanshu

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