Etymology of the words 'vedi' in ritual context

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> And while on the subject, it is said that the Vedi was
>  narrow in the middle, resulting in the use of
>  vedi-madhyamA to denote a thin-waisted woman. Can
>  anyone explain what an altar that is narrow in the
>  middle looks like?
>  I have seen numerous fire sacrifices, but never yet
>  anything that reminded me of a thin-waisted woman.
Well, the four sides of a vedi are concave [the east-west sides, which are a
quarter to a third of the length of the north-south, are only slightly
curved]. The resultant form might remind one of an hour glass or a beaker, I
suppose.  Or perhaps the form of a thin-waisted woman, as far as that goes.


George Thompson [aka dIrgha tamasin]

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