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>  I have a question - I hear the reader as saying sharmaNya deshIyasya
>  prakaNda panditasya Max Mueller mahabhagasya ??


>  Is - sharmaNya deshiyasya - a common usage in Germany ?

Yes, since we are all Brahmins, spoken on every street corner, and
even our airline is called:  Luft -haMsa... and its logo bird...!
Just kidding.

One of the many Sanskritizations, I do not know who came up with it first.
Probably 19th c.
Like Max Mueller = mokSamUla  since he "pointed to India!" (now forgotten,
though this Sanskritization was made in India, not by MM.)
Or Deusen = Devasena, L. Schoeder (first editor of the Maitr. and Katha
Samhitas of Krsna Yajurveda) who called himself  j. zrotR BhaTTa!      (see
his title page.)
Or, as my old teacher, Paul Thieme (94 now!) used to write to his old
Pandit, Kamalakanta Misra in Allahabad/Benares, from Tuebingen =

Guess, which name I used in a temple in Andhra when the priest offered for

zubhAsas te panthAsas santu,  KAmasetunagara-haridvAra-vizvavidyAlayAt,
bhavadIyo VatsalamihiraH.
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