Etymology of the words 'vedi' in ritual context

Mon Jun 26 16:17:57 UTC 2000

Dr Witzel wrote:
> See M.  Mayrhofer's new Etymologisches  Woerterbuch des
> Heidelberg 1996- vol II, p. 581 :  ~~ veda'  bunch of grass... ;
veda'  =
> unclear < IE *wei(H)d- ? Pashto  wula 'root fibre, twifg'?   etc
> >The Sanskrit word 'vedi' in ritual context (as found in for example
> >the zulbasUtras) means a raised area on which a sacrifice is
> >performed.  As the word seems to be derived from the root /vid 'to
> >know', how did it come to denote a sacrificial area?  Is there any
> >etymologi to explain this?

It may also be the case with Vedic sacrifices but further
corroboration for the etymology can be deduced from standard Buddhist
tantric texts and practice where the vedi is a narrow flat raised
ridge constructed around the hearth upon which ku`sa grass is
carefully laid to encircle the fire pit.

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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