Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Jun 24 11:52:44 UTC 2000

Does this have anything to do with the origins of Mahayana?
And, the representations of the Buddha in sculpture as a
human being.

V. Iyer

I see two underpinning questions here: (1) When did
the term “Buddha” first gain currency in India? And
whether or not this was before or after the time of
Gautama, (2) At what time did the Buddha-cult adopt
the term as an appellation for their culture-hero, who
was more or less viewed as the Embodiment of
Enlightenment. I do not know what indications there
are that Gautama was referred to as "Buddha" during
his lifetime.

Ven Tantra
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