Dates of non-meteoric iron in India

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Sat Jun 24 03:25:46 UTC 2000

George Thompson wrote, on the introduction of iron in India:

> A recent overview can be found in:
> Possehl, Gregory L. and Gullapalli, Praveena:  "The Early Iron Age in South
> Asia", in Vincent Piggott, editor: *The Archaeometallurgy of the Asian Old
> World*.  University Museum Monograph 89, MASCA Research Papers in Science and
> Archaeology Volume 16.  Philadelphia: The University Museum, University of
> Pennsylvania, pp.153-175. 1999.

I've spent the day with this volume, George. The whole of it, which is
just hitting the libraries, is essential reading. The redefinitions in
the volume of what is *meant* by "bronze" and "iron" ages, etc., are
surprising and far-reaching. The volume underlines the difficulties in
India of dating questions involving iron technology, due to complex
regional issues that are just starting to be understood. The article
in the volume by Bennet Bronson on the introduction of iron in China,
based in part on Don Wagner's 1993 work, should be read in conjunction
with Wagner's newly revised views, already pointed to at Below, I give the
table of contents of the volume in jpeg format.
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