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It is likely that the passage of 4300 years  was reckoned from the beginning
of the Aryabhatian Kaliyuga, 3102 BC. Then the date of birth comes out to be
circa AD1200

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>> Very shabby reasoning.  The time if his birth is also fixed as 1238, and
>> tradition is still for 79 years; hence only do we have the latter date
>> established as 1317.  The period of 43 centuries is only approximate
>> that Madhva says only that he was born after the passage of 4300 years,
>> not that he was born in a specific year designated 4300:  chatuHsahasre
>> trishatottare gate saMvatsarANAM tu kalau pR^ithivyAM jAtaH punaH
>> vipratanuH).
> Atleast in the mid-decades, Sanskritists have written that
>Madhva was born in kaliyug 4300 (around 1200 CE).
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