marion rastelli marion.rastelli at OEAW.AC.AT
Thu Jun 15 06:56:34 UTC 2000

I have the following questions related to ViziSTAdvaitavedAnta:

1) Are there editions of the following texts:
- GuNaratnakozavyAkhyAna by ?
- zrIraGgarAjastavavyAkhyAna by GargakulInarAmAnuja
- VaradarAjastavavyAkhyAna by ? (all mentioned by AlaziGga BhaTTa in his
commentary on the SAttvatasaMhitA)?

2) Where (apart from NyAyasiddhAJjana, Tattvatraya and the commentaries
on them) can I find explanations or at least occurrences of the terms
zAntodita and nityodita?

3) Is divyAtmasvarUpa a technical term in the tradition of
ViziSTAdvaitavedAnta? If yes, in which text(s) does it appear?

Marion Rastelli
Austrian Academy of Sciences

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