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Dear list members,

Having been too busy recently with many deadlines, I neglected to inform
you that we have finally printed & released, a few weeks ago :

Caitanya Caritamrta of Krsnadasa Kaviraja
A Translation and Commentary by Edward C. Dimock, Jr.
with an Introduction by Edward C. Dimock, Jr. and Tony K. Stewart.
Edited by Tony K. Stewart

Harvard Oriental Series 56
(HUP code: DIMCAI)    7 x 10",   pp. 1206.
ISBN 0-674-00285-7  Cloth   $80.00x (£49.95 UK)

for our (not quite up to date) list of HOS see:
for Harvard Univ. Press & orders see:

This book had been  accepted for HOS by my predecessor some decades ago, but...
habent sua fata volumines.


The Caitanya Caritamrta is an early seventeenth-century Bengali and
Sanskrit biography of the great saint and Vaisnava leader Caitanya
(1486-1533 C.E.), by the poet and scholar Krsnadasa, who has been given by
Bengali tradition the title Kaviraja "Prince of Poets." The text is of
interest to theologians (Caitanya was, in Krsnadasa's view, an androgyne of
Krsna and Radha), philosophers (his theory was that aesthetic and religious
experience are much the same in kind), historians of religion (the movement
that Caitanya inspired has encompassed the great part of the eastern Indian
subcontinent, and Krsnadasa has some interesting observations on his own
times), and appreciators of literature (in Krsnadasa's very long poem are
embedded some lyric gems).

Edward C. Dimock, Jr., is Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus,
University of Chicago. Tony K. Stewart is Associate Professor of South
Asian Religions at North Carolina State University and Director of the
North Carolina Center for South Asia Studies.

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