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On Madhva, his biographer Narayana, and his followers and critics see also
Madhva und seine unbekannten literarischen Quellen: einige beobachtungen by
Roque Mesquita, Wien 1997 (of which I wrote a brief review which is to
appear in one of the coming issues of Asiatische Studien/Etudes Asiatiques).
The author of this study told me that an English version is in preparation.
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>Have a question to Kannada & MAdhva scholars,
>a) Did Madhva attain samadhi in 1317 CE or is it in 1386 CE?
>b) When was the Madhva life history put together?
>Was it accomplished in 15th or 16th centuries? In the case of Alvars
>or Nayanmars or Sankara, the hagiology is done after few
>Thanks for the info.
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