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A number of commentaries on the Pancadasi have appeared within this century,
both in Sanskrit and in various Indian languages. One particularly good one
is the Chaukhamba publication (1987) with the commentary of Narayana
Ramacharya Kavyatirtha and Swami Maheswarananda Giri (Mt. Abu). The text has
been handled from a traditional cum critical approach, with a careful study
of the manuscripts. Its title page refers to
vishama-sthala-TippaNI-pAThAntara, and this is fully borne out in the work.

The only English language texts that I'm aware of, other than TMP
Mahadevan's work, are the translation by Swami Swahananda (Ramakrishna Math)
and the translation plus notes by Swami Jnanananda Bharati (previously R.
Krishnaswami Aiyar, published posthumously in 1983 by Sri Abhinava
Vidyateertha Educational Trust, Madras). I haven't read the latter, but the
author is sure to have discussed cid and cidAbhAsa in some detail. One of
his other favorite texts was the Yogavasishtha, which he condensed and
rearranged. He has paid particular attention to the concepts of cit, citta
and cidAkA;sa in YV, so this would not have escaped his attention in his
notes on Pancadasi.

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