Sakadwipa (RE: Rising of the sea and other Migration myths)

Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Jan 28 23:32:29 UTC 2000

The epic bhArata places zAkadvIpa in the east plausibly because
Assam, Mizoram, Nagaland etc., abounds in tropical vegetation;
Of course, Burma could be the ancient zAkadvIpa because its
teak is world famous and probably ancient Indian geography
around first century knew only upto Burma or so. Garuda,
represnts the sun in many of world's myths and hence the
solar deity Vishnu's vahana could have its home in the east.
Few centuries later, seeing the same type of tropics as
the northeast india, mythmakers from India could have spread
stories about Garuda in Indonesia, etc.,

Best wishes,
V. Iyer

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