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                        SAUNDARYA: Concepts, Expressions and Ethos

New Delhi, November 24, 25, and 26, 2000

A three day workshop on this subject will be jointly organised in New Delhi by the Indian International Centre,The Indian Council for Cultural Relations and Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada under the academic direction of Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan. Starting with foundational concepts that define beauty in the Indian tradition and moving on to its many creative expressions and the ethos in which it is developed, the workshop will endeavor to understand that state of beauty which is beyond concepts and transcends constructs.

The workshop will open on Friday November 24 with an inaugural event. The first session on November 25 will explore various concepts which are integral to the understanding and creation of saundarya. These will include, among others, rasa and rupa, rang and rachana, dhvani and aucitya, nada and tala, purnatva and vishranti.

The second session on November 25 will examine the many manifestations of saundarya in our artistic traditions, oral and visual, occurrent and preserved, classical and folk, ancient and modern.

The third session on November 26 will consider the ethos in which saundarya is understood, created and celebrated in the Indian tradition. This will include an examination of factors such as sociology, history, patronage and psychology of the arts.

The workshop is limited to 15 participants. Travel assistance and hospitality will be provided. The papers, to be edited by Dr. Geeti Sen, will be published in the March issue of the India International Centre Quarterly.

You are invited to submit a 100 word abstract of your paper so as to reach me by April 1, 2000.    

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