gifts for Sanskrit teachers

Ravi Chawla rchawla at DELLNET.COM
Thu Jan 27 07:36:15 UTC 2000

My opinion is that teachers of Sanskrit in India are as human as all of us.
They are no different than any of us.

 For a non-material gift, they will feel good to hear from anyone as to how
much they (students) appreciate their knowledge, and the love they
(teachers) have shown to their students, and other words of appreciation in
writing.  But the words have to be sincere and from the heart.

As for material gifts, in this modern times, any gift that adds to their
comforts - an air-conditioner, a refrigerator, a cell phone, a  regular or a
video camera, a television set, a note-book computer, an internet connection
to keep in touch with Indology network, a paid trip to the country of  the
studnent, and such other items will be welcome by any teacher.

Better still, ask the teacher as to what he/she will prefer as a gift. Or,
give the teacher what you feel a teacher can use, depending as to how much
you want to spend.



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Subject: gifts for Sanskrit teachers

> Dear List,
> Generally and traditionally speaking, as teachers of
> Sanskrit, especially those in India, what
> material/non-material gift would be most welcomed by
> you from the western student?
> Thanks in advance
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