gifts for Sanskrit teachers

Brian Akers Sfauthor at AOL.COM
Wed Jan 26 22:03:56 UTC 2000

In a message dated 1/26/00 12:15:39 PM, at YALE.EDU writes:

>>I must confess I am beginning to feel jealous of all those gift-receiving
>>Sanskrit teachers.  Does living in the west prevent a Sanskrit teacher
>>from being eligible to receive such wonderful gifts?
>>                                 Madhav Deshdpande
>NOW I understand! I'm deeply sorry, Madhav -- I don't every recall
>bringing you a mango, much less an expensive shawl! (Does this mean I
>should send you one of those "fruit of the month" club things?!)

Perhaps Madhav should start a site called (I believe the URL
is available.) Then gurus around the world can post their wish lists, a la
Amazon and other e-commerce sites. For example:

"Mangoes always accepted; other fruits only in season."

"Pens! Pens! Pens! Always pens! I have enough pens. (However, refills gladly

"Remember, a rupee isn't what it used to be. Paise will result in a terrible

"No pre-addressed havaii patras. (However, please write regularly to me.)"

Such straight talk would certainly save their students much angst and soul
searching, and save the gurus trips to the shop to exchange unwanted gifts.


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