gifts for Sanskrit teachers

Greg Jay gregjay at POI.NET
Wed Jan 26 16:41:05 UTC 2000

>Generally and traditionally speaking, as teachers of
>Sanskrit, especially those in India, what
>material/non-material gift would be most welcomed by
>you from the western student?

This would depend upon how orthodox the Teacher is. A very traditional
Teacher could be offered gifts like dhoti & anga vastram, or if in a cold
area also a chaddar. Usually students also give fruit to their teachers.
However if your teacher is really orthodox he may accept the fruit but may
not actually consume it. There are of course many restrictions against
accepting eatables from non-brahmins. So in any case only unbroken fruits
should be offered. Pure Ghee is another good gift. Of course daksina in the
form of cash may be acceptable to your teacher, but some teachers are
offended by cash. Other items which your teacher requests may be given. I
had a teacher who requested a tape recorder, with which he wanted to record
spiritual discourses to send to NRIs.

Greg Jay

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