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Vacek, Jaroslav and Knotkova-Capkova, Blanka (eds):
Pandanus '98. Flowers, Nature, Semiotics – Kavya and Sangam.
Signeta, Prague (Czech Republic), 1999.
135 x 190 mm, 180 pp., paperback.
ISBN 80-902608-1-0

The first PANDANUS workshop on flower and natural symbolism in the classical
Indian literatures took place in May 1998 in Prague. All the presented
papers now appear in a volume entlitled PANDANUS '98. Flowers, Nature,
Semiotics – Kavya and Sangam. For more information about the PANDANUS
project, visit


G. Boccali: Rain Poems and the Genesis of Kavya
J. Dvorak: Neem and Campaka in Classical Indian Literatures
B. Knotkova-Capkova: Some Remarks on Literary Analysis of the Symbolical
Patterns in Ancient Tamil Poetry
B. Kolver: Ambiguities, Polysemy, and Identifications
G. Pellegrini: Sattasai and palai poems of Ainkurunuru
J. Vacek: A Neytal Feature to Be Found in the Meghaduta?
J. Cejka: Plants in Kavya Poetry: Problems with Plant-Names

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Jan Dvorak

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