Etymology: sambar, the dish?

Nikhil Rao marpally_n_p at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jan 19 22:03:34 UTC 2000

Someone on this thread had asked for the word for
saambaar in Udupi, since the area around is bilingual
in kannada and tulu, the word in kannada is huli
(huLi) and the word in tulu is kodyel. Saambaar is
probably used more often in urban areas.


--- Ashok Aklujkar <aklujkar at UNIXG.UBC.CA> wrote:
> A few hours ago at dinner I expressed the guess that
> the word
> sambar/saambaar is probably related to the Sanskrit
> word sa.mbhaara
> 'provisions, requisites, things required for any
> action or project,
> assemblage' (Apte's dictionary, expanded by Gode
> etc.,  p. 1650; I would
> expect other dictionaries too to contain the word).
> I just happened to read
> that Professor Georg v. Simson has already pointed
> out attestations that
> provide semantic support to my guess. His sa.mvara,
> as well as sa.mbala
> 'provision for a journey, viaticum,' in Apte p.
> 1648, could be later or
> dialectal variations of sa.mbhara/sa.mbhaara.
> -- ashok aklujkar
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