Vedic accent in taittiriya samhita

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Wed Jan 19 16:33:50 UTC 2000

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<<  However  many Brahmins, even those who have learnt vedas through a guru,
do not know the chanting rules very well and they only know how to read what
notes are
 written in the books. >>
What sri .Krishna Kalale (I understand his grandfather's name is
sri.Garudaachar-so sri.Krishna must be from South India-Mysore-Mandayam) says
is CORRECT as for as what is followed in South India.But I beg to differ of
what he/she says (quoted above).Those who have learned from a recognised
"Veda Paatasaala" for about 7-8. years- and "approved" "Ganapaatis"-don't use
any books at all.and their chanting of Udhaattam/Svaritham/Anudhaattam and
the double bar--II-- some times it is called "Deerka Svaritham" is absolutely
flawless,because they hear(Sruthi) repeatedly each word from the Teacher and
recite till the Teacher and  Vidvad Sadas(learned gatherings)are satisfied it
is "Flawless" .Only people like me who use a book and a tape recite
wrongly.-learned scholars don't agree with our recitation.The "Spicies" of
"Ganapaatis" are fastly disappearing.-"Endangered Spcies".In 1952 in my small
village alone there were 15 Ganapaatis.For the One Indian Rupee (2
U.S..copper pennies) which my grand father would give Sri.Ramanatha Ganapaati
would recite the entire Taittriya Samhita with "Ganam" in 6 hours.In 1997
when my mother passed away in 170 villges (full district)I could not locate
even one Ganapati to perform my mother's last rites even for 100 U.S.Dollars--

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