Vedic accent in taittiriya samhita

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but rather "Today what
would a Brahmin priest of the taittiriya samhita school call the accent
marked by a vertical line above the syllable and chanted by him as a high
note, and what would he call the unmarked syllable chanted by him as a
In other words "Is the naming of the accents in the introduction of this
chanting book an error?"

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[Krishna Kalale]

[Krishna Kalale]  The letter with a vertical line on top - is known as
udAtta (high note)
The letter unmarked is svarita (middle note)  and the letter with a
horizontal line (like a minus sign) below it is known as anudAtta.
   (lower note)

[Krishna Kalale]  In fact there is another note :  ie. a letter marked with
two vertical lines on top - for this letter a double high note is uttered
which has to be heard to know what the sound exactly is.  However, many
books do not have this double vertical marks even though while chanting
this has to be used.  THis is because according to chanting rules one could
derive the double notes from other notes and letter sequences.  However
many Brahmins, even those who have learnt vedas through a guru, do not know
the chanting rules very well and they only know how to read what notes are
written in the books.

This is what is understood by many brahmin priests atleast in south india.

Krishna Kalale
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