Noah's Flood

Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jan 18 22:04:58 UTC 2000

In the Ryan-Pitman purana-type book linking the biblical flood
legend to the actual flood 8000 yrs old, it is interesting that
Indian stories are not mentioned. This book is popular in the US
newspapers; Miami Herald had the story in the front page.
I read the book when it was first released.

The ancient Tamil sangam legends where the lands and
books are said to have been lost engulfed by the Southern Sea, and
in Matsyapurana,  Manu giving protection to the fish at the Malaya
mountain, and Bhagavatham saying that Satyavrata, the pious Draavi.da king
was saved by the fish, - can also be considered.

V. Iyer

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