Taittiriya Samhita

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<< a good edition of the Taittiriya Samhita or of just the Rudram portion?  >>
A very good edition of sri.Rudra Praznam by "ANNA"(Both Namakam and chamakam)
in Devanagari Lipi-with recitation markings(Anudhattham--Swaritham--Dheerka
Swaitham) is available.Ofcourse for the sake of Tamil devotees -Tamil Word by
wordTranslation is also given.May be you may ignore that as you are
interestes only in the Sanskrit Text in Nagari Lipi.---It is  printed and
published by Sri Ramakrishna Matam,Mylapore,Chennai-600 004(INDIA).The Indian
Price for abook of 296 pages is only Indian Rupees 35/=(75 U.S.A.copper
pennies)-In U.S.A..Hindu Temples sell for 3/=U.S.Dollars.It would not cover
even the printing charges.But sri Ramakrishna Order do it as a Religious
Service.All over the world there are 170 sri.Ramakrishna Vedhanta Centres are
there.They may arrange to get you.The same book also gives sri.Rudra Krama
Paatam and Lahu Nyaasam and Mahan Nyaasam(Sri Bhodhaayana Mahan Nyaasa
Kramam)---all in Sanskrit -Nagari Lipi with.Recitation markings.---A GOOD

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