Vital Statistics/Aurangzeb

Bharat Gupt abhinav at DEL3.VSNL.NET.IN
Thu Jan 13 17:35:17 UTC 2000

> It is rather Aurangzeb who regarded himself as a
> Hijazi and not an Indian because he considered India a Darul Harb (a country
> of Kafirs at war with Islam) and was therefore a bandit.

How sincere was Aurangzeb with Islam itself ? Did he not use it merely to settle scores
as with his brothers or father. Or were they fallen into in-Islamic ways.
Why did he enjoy music and dance and keep his own prostitutes nearly all his life and
persecuted them at the fag end of his days to suit political weather.
Why did he listen to destructive-polytheistic songs in praise of Hindu gods like his
predecessors, specially when he was not in power?
Bharat Gupt

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