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> Sanskrit texts record numerous terms based on `dasi' which indicates
> significant concubinage of pre-Indo-European Semitic and Dravidoid women
> in Indo-Aryan households.
> Naturally, the `Aryan' offspring of such unions would inherit the mt DNA
> which has been analysed, displaying Semitic or Mulatto ancestry. All
> maternal trace of such an `Aryan invasion' would of course have been wiped
> out. A fact confirmed by the two excellent papers cited by Dr N. Mahajan.

I am trying to understand your point:
Is it that, in your opinion, the invading hordes were all male, they all
made concubines of every native female they encountered, all native males
were eliminated, and in this way the DNA of the invaders was watered down to
insignificance in an incredibly short period of time?

If so, this appears to be a very opportunistic way to try and bolster your

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