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Firstly, Ashoka was a Nastik Buddhist. Whether Nastik Aurangzeb, Nastik
VA: The Astika or Nastika character of 'Devanamapriya' Ashoka is irrelevant
here. From the Islamic perspective rather, he is certainly a Kafir.
SA:Secondly, this statement (that Asokan empire was larger than Aurangzeb's)
is wrong, but I shall not belabour the point.
Interested readers may consult the numerous court chronicles to read for
themselves how Aurangzeb conquered Assam, Tibet, Afghanistan and Tamil Nadu.
VA: You seem to have read chronicles which even Jadunath Sarkar and other
scholars on Alamgir Aurangaeb Padshah Ghazi (Ghazi = killer of Kafirs) have
missed. Please post some references for our benefit. As far as I know, only
the army of Muhammad bin Tughlaq invaded Tibet and it perished in the
Himalayas. Maybe Aurangzeb provided his army special 'Down Jackets' from the
Burlingtom coat factory in the USA. On Tamil Nadu, I request Dr. Ganesan and
Dr. Palaniappan to clarify to your satisfaction. On Assam, the Mughal army
never procededed beyond the lowest parts of Assam. Even to this day, there
is a memorial marking the site of the victory of the Assamese Army over
Aurangzeb's army. So which court chronicle are your referring? Similarly,
you are wrong on Afghanistan.
SA:Parts of Aurangzeb's empire were over-run with bandits, but these
were temporary phases.
VA: Who were these bandits? Chhatrapati Shivaji? Durgadas Rathore? Satnamis
of Mathura who revolted against the destruction of the Krishna-Janmabhoomi
temple? Guru Tegh Bahadur who laid down his life to fight persecution of
Kashmir Hindus by Aurangzeb? Guru Gobind Singhji who lost his sons in his
fight against Aurangzeb, and whose mother died of shock when the Sahabzadas
chose death to Islam? It is rather Aurangzeb who regarded himself as a
Hijazi and not an Indian because he considered India a Darul Harb (a country
of Kafirs at war with Islam) and was therefore a bandit.
SA: From the unbiased view of territorial extent, Aurangzeb's empire was
larger than Akbar's - even you have stated that the Deccan was included in
Aurangzeb's kingdom, but this was outside Akbar's power. From this fact
alone, Aurangzeb was greater than Akbar.
VA: Are you trying to say that rulers of smaller kingdoms like Khalipha Abu
Bakr and Paigambar Muhammad were inferior to Aurangzeb? Or were the
followers of 'destructive polytheism' like Alexander and Augustus Caeser
greater than Momin Aurangzeb becuase they had beigger empires? Of course,
with regard to Alexander, you can seek refuge in Koranic Ayats according to
which Alexander had two horns on his head and was a Muslim in reality.

SA:Aurangzeb took a strong stand against disruptive separatist elements,
which was naturally disliked by those fomenting the rebellions in the first
VA: Were these rebellions fomented by his father Emperor Shah Jehan, whom he
imprisoned till death. Or his younger brother Murad, whom he got drugged and
then killed? Or his elder brother Dara Shikoh, whom he accused of apostasy
from Islam and then got him killed according to Islamic law; or his other
elder brother Shuja whom he drove to Arakans (where he died an unnatural
SA:Of course, Baniya Vaishyas are not happy at the prospect of Brahmanic
Sanskrit replacing their beloved Khari Boli. Fortunately, there are many
Brahmins who will agree that Sanskrit needs some piece of the cake going to
Khari Boli.
VA: Just to let you know, my mother speaks Punjabi and was born at Amritsar
a furlong from Sri Harimandir Sahib. All this should not matter to you
anyways because al-Llah speaks only Arabic according to Koran. All the other
languages therefore are irrelevant according to Islamic wisdom.

SA:Seems you are the only one on this list to disagree with
me. I shall not post any more on this thread due to lack of time.
VA: And do you realize that because of a few Muslims like you, crores of
Indian Muslims get a bad name. If not for the sake of India, for their sake
at least, please stop promoting Dalitstan and so on.

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