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I will have to dig out the shloka by Hemachandracharya.

The Arthashastra available today is likely not the one composed by Kautalya,
but another text composed later based on Kautalya's.
It is speculated that the author of available Arthashastra and
Kamasura might be the same person.

The Jain tradition about Kautalya is given in Hemchandracharya's
Parishistaparvan, which has recently been published as The Lives of the Jain
Elders (Oxford World's Classics) by  R. C. C. Fynes,

In Avashyakachurni, Chanakya is said to have been born in the Golla country,
which some scholars have placed in somewhere
in South, perhaps in Godavari region. About his final days we are
sure that spent in Magadh. If he did study at Takshshila as some
sources suggest, then he had covered the three corners of India,
which is interesting to note.

In Jain tradition, both Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya are
said to have become monks in the later part of their lives.


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What do we know about KauTalya? Does his name come from
"kUTal", the ancient name for Madurai? KauTalya talks of
Madurai in his book and also the different pearls harvested
at the Cape Comorin and the place where tAmraparNI (taNporunai -
its old name). What are Hemacandra's words along with damila
for KauTalya?

Is there any book/paper where K.'s discussion of things South
Indian and his name, etc., are analyzed?

N. Ganesan

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