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NG: Adisankara calls his brahmasUtra bhASyam as "sArIraka mImAmsa".
VA: The appellation "Shariraka Mimamsa' is pre-Samkara. Bhagvatpada himself
quotes Vrttikara Upavarsha: "....Sarirake vakshayamah.". Sri Ramanuja too
quotes Vrttikara Bodhayana twice: "Samhitametatchharirakam". Even Bharuchi,
a pre-Samkara commentator on Manu says: "The knowers of Atman call it
Sarira". So nothing new about the name "Shariraka Mimamsa".

NG:Take the case of Ramanujar, his bronzes exist from his lifetime
in the Chola times.
VA: Yatindra Ramanujacharya came to preside over a longstanding Sri
Vaishnava community headquartered at the massive Sri Rangam complex in his
lieftime, and was therefore influential long before he breathed his lost. In
contrast, Bhagvatpada was a Paramahamsa, and is said to have established the
4 monastaries close to his demise. He did not preside over a community or an
institution in his lifetime that would have raised plaques and statues for
him. Therefore, the two case cannot be compared. Nakamura has infact shown
that the Vedanta of Bhaskara was more noticed or influential in the few
centuries after Bhagvatpada. This might explain the lack of contemporary
inscriptions from Sri Shankaracharya's time.
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