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Paul Kekai Manansala kekai at JPS.NET
Mon Jan 10 21:11:43 UTC 2000

"Dr. Nupam Mahajan" wrote:
> "The supposed Aryan invasion of India 3000-4000 years before present
> therefore did not make a major splash in the Indian gene pool. This is
> especialy counter-indicated by the presence of equal, though very low,
> frequencies of the western Eurasian mtDNA types in both southern and
> northern india. Thus, the `Caucasoid' features of south Asians (Indians) may
> best be considered `pre-caucasoid' -that is, part of diverse north or north
> east western Eurasian and southern Asian populations over 50,000 years ago".

To classify the human populations of Asia 50,000 years ago as
"pre-caucasoid" is poor analysis and linked with earlier Eurocentric
racial mythology.

In fact, given recent evidence that the out of Africa migration of
modern humans began during this period, the people could be more
accurately described as proto-Africoid. In phenotype, their remains were
closest to modern Papuans, Fijians or Australian Aborigines only

Since, it is likely that all the non-African "racial" groups originated
from this exodus, one cannot classify this deme simply as
"proto-caucasoid" or "proto-mongoloid" or whatever.

Also, the linguistic and archaeological evidence does *not* support a
West Asian origin for Dravidian.  SUsing the standard techniques of
greatest diversity and least moves, the point of origin of this language
family would be squarely in South Asia.

The earliest modern "Australoid" phenotypes occur in Sumatra not in the
"Mediterranean." And the authors fail to note that the mtDNA strains of
the vast majority of Indians tested are significantly closer to East
Asians than to Europeans or "Middle Easterners" that were tested.

Paul Kekai Manansala

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