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Mon Jan 10 16:59:01 UTC 2000

>Date:         Fri, 4 Jan 1980
 Note to our Founder: why this 3rd millennium message from Abhinav shows
 a 2nd mil. time? When I conduct a search test giving a date later
 than 1980, "search" fails to find this message. A bug, perhaps.

~It is a remarkably succint account of the Hindi-family (pl.dont translate
~as Parivaar), working and that is the big future of Hindi as Films, tv,
~and music-lit,pop fiction and even translations from other languages,
~have shown inspite of all  political hurdles.

 This view from Delhi is the summary coming from the Center-State,
modeled after 18-19th European statecraft. Even allowing private firms
for one-way broadcast media have moved folks away from AIR and
Doordarshan. I see a different future with Net's expansion in India;
Might have felt this from the responses to your mails in academic
lists. A reduction in internal colonialism, what Pollock calls as
"Deep Orientalism" working for millennia, is bound to happen with
the WWW.

The Net is a different animal: it is two-way channel, opposite
of newspaper, radio, film and tv which are usually, State tools
in the underdeveloped world.

Thanks and kind regards,

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