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Mehta, Shailendra Mehta at MGMT.PURDUE.EDU
Mon Jan 10 01:23:11 UTC 2000

Periannan Chandrasekaran <perichandra at YAHOO.COM> wrote:

"Kamba ramayana has made its mark in the North; accorindg  to UVS Iyer in
book "piRkAlattup pulavarkaL" a compendium of "latter day poets", Thulasidas
got inspired by kumarakurupara swamikaL's lectures on kampa rAmAyaNa  at the
varaNasi caiva mutt (which he established with the financial assistance of a
muslim ruler) to compose his version of ramayana."

Fascinating! If this influence is indeed well established it deserves to
more broadly known. Are there discernable influences of Kampan Ramayana on
Tuslidas? Is this more of an influence than Valmiki's Ramayana?  The answers
to these questions would be critical in establishing Iyer's thesis.

Would you be so kind as to quote in detail from Iyer's book since I, and I
suspect most of the members of Indology, do not have access to it.

As an aside, in what language did Kumarakurupara lecture?

Best regards,

Shailendra Raj Mehta.

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