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SA: In fact all of Tamil Nadu was part of Aurangzeb's empire, as were
Afghanistan, Tibet and Pakistan. Indeed, Auranzeb's empire was the largest
Indian empire ever built.
VA: Wrong! The southern parts of Malabar and Tamil Nadu were not under
Aurangzeb and in his own lifetime, Tanjore etc. were freed by the Marathas.
Tibet too was never a part of Moghul Empire, not did it ever accept its
authority. Even Ladakh was out of bounds of the Moghuls. Much of Southern
and Western Afghanistan belonged to the Persian empire. Kandahar was lost
during the reign of Shah Jehan. When the latter sent the Moghul army to
recapture it, the Muslim Iranians attacked the Moghul soldiers while the
latter were offering their morning Namaz and so the battle was lost. The
muslim Pathans and Uzbeks etc. made life hell for Aurangzeb and he
eventually paid money to them to buy peace. Much of Baluchistan (45% of
present Pakistan) too was under the Persian Empire. The Empire of Ashoka, in
contrast, included the whole of Afghanistan, Pakistan and much of Bangladesh
and Nepal, and stretched right upto the borders of Tamil Nadu/Kerala.
Therefore, the Ashokan Empire was larger than that of Aurangzeb.
SA: Prior to him, the Delhi Sultanate also
managed to conquer all of the South - something Asoka could not do.
VA: This is because after the battle of Kalinga, Ashoka did not try to do
so. And Samudragupta did defeat numerous rulers of South India and similarly
the Chola rulers defeated numerous rulers of N India (upto the Ganges) and
SA: BTW Muslims attribute the decline of these empires due to a rise
in"destructive polytheism".
VA: As usual, the Islamic perspective of things contradicts the objective,
correct, rational and humanistic perspectives of those things. To quote: "To
most Hindus, Akbar is one of the greatest of Muslim Emperors of India and
Aurangzeb one of the worst; to many Muslims, the opposite is the case. To an
outsider there can be little doubt that Akbar's way was the right
one...Akbar disrupted the Muslim community by reconignizing that India is
not an Islamic country: Aurangzeb disrupted India by behaving as though it
Pg. 227 of 'The Great Moghuls' by Bamber Gascoigne; London; 1976

The mercies of Islamic monotheism on us Kafirs indeed have been many: Loot,
rapes, plunder, massacres, enslavement, destruction of Universities and
Temples, book burning, Jizyah, bride lifting,........., HIJACK of Indian
Airlines Flight to Kandahar.

Someone had, in the past pointed the following website

On the relative merits of polytheism and monotheism, I rest the matter here
because it is beyond the scope of Indology. You may read the book "Why I am
not a Muslim" by Ibn Warraq for a discussion by an apostate Muslim. The
purchase information and a review of the book are available at:


SA: It is psecs who created such states in the first place;
VA: If Congress is psec and BJP etc. are Hindu Nationalist, then who are the
secular parties? Jamait e Ittehadul Musleeman? Islamic Swayamsevak Sangh?
Indian Union Muslim League?

SA:Even the names, `Uttaranchal`,
`Vananchal` are Sanskrit instead of the Hindi `Uttarakhand` or
VA: The word 'Uttarakhand' is as Sanskritic as 'Uttaranchal'.

 > VA: Therefore, the Dravidian Nationalists should vote for the Cong.

SA:Probably you mean "Dravidians should vote for BJP". Indeed, there was an
article in the Tamil Tribune some time back on this interesting alliance.
Indeed, Sanskritists stand to gain in the South by taking an anti-Hindi
stance. Just some advice for the sangh. :)

VA: Please keep your Islamic advice and Wisdom to yourself. Or you may write
directly to the Sangh. I and other secular Indians are quite happy with the
current Linguistic scenario in India.
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