Final clarification (Was: Re: Typographical error in the Bhagavad-Gita?)

Martin Gansten Martin.Gansten at TEOL.LU.SE
Sat Jan 8 10:51:04 UTC 2000

>However, to say that Krisna is not introducing a new concept in the Gita
>is something I can't agree with and I have read the book.

You are misquoting me. Please read what I actually said.

>Where do you read that transmigration is seen only as an endless cycle
>without regard to karma?  Sounds totally novel to me.

You are being as careless in reading my posts as in reading the Gita. I did
not deny that the Gita teaches that transmigration depends on karma. But
karma has neither beginning nor (natural) end; hence transmigration, in
this view, could not be an evolutionary process. The Gita contains no
explicit discussion of this theme (for which you may refer to the
Brahmasutra; see 2.1.35); but nor does it contradict the common view.

And now I really have nothing further to add.

Martin Gansten

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