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The term 'Pavamana suktas' is applied to all the Soma suktas of RV. Along
with Sri/Purusha/Vishnu suktas etc., it is one of the most popular Suktas
memorised by Rigvedins. For instance, I had Deshastha Brahmin neighbours who
could recite 114 Pavamana Suktas alone from the Rigveda (and did so everday
during the Shraddha period) with accent. For details on the ritual
application of the Pavamana suktas, you could refer to manuals in vogue
amongst Rigvedins nowadays like the 'Rigvediya Brahmakarmasamucchaya'
(available at bookshops in Poona like Rasika Sahitya, ABC Chowk).

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From: Nikhil Rao <marpally_n_p at YAHOO.COM>
Subject: pavamana sukta

Can anybody tell me where the pavamana sukta occurs in
the rigveda and if possible also its significance!


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