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Fri Jan 7 18:15:46 UTC 2000

Incidentally, Kaithi script is so called, because it was used
by Kayasthas in that region.

Kayasthas specilize in writing. In ancient India, there were
many libraries with large collection of books. Perhaps most
were written by Kayasthas (although  composed by others). Some
Buddhist and Jain manuscripts exist that mention having
been written by Kayasthas.

Some texts suggest that in some region, being a Kayastha may
have been an occupation rather than a jnati at that time,
Brahmins may also have served as Kayasthas.

Kayasthas are quite prominent in Bengal. Some authors mention
that the Pala kings were Kayasthas, which may provide
an explanation.

The oldest known inscription mentioning a Kayastha is on a
Buddha statue from Mathura, which may have been an old
center of Kayasthas. Certainly Mathur Kayasthas originated
from there (not to be confused with Mathur Brahmins).
Srivastavas originated from Sravasti.

There have been other communities which have served as
adminstrators, officers and clerks, who also must have
taken utkocha.


PS: Samir Abbas calls Congress "Pseudo-Secular", suggesting
it is not secular. Incidentally Tamil Tribune web-site is
organized by some anti-India  organization of non-Indians.
Its readers are largely non-Indian too.

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