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Bharat Gupt [SMTP:abhinav at DEL3.VSNL.NET.IN] skrev 04. januar 1980 02:21:
> EU has now chosen English (standardised)for linking, then why has Hindi been
> regarded a
> demand that shall subsume other Indian languages and dialects ?

I am not sure if this is an entirely correct formulation. All EU legal
documents are routinely published in English and French. They are then
translated into the various EU languages, such as German, Swedish etc., all of
which versions have equal legal status. For this purpose, the EU has a huge
translation department. The Council of Europe also entertains a translation
department. The problem of course arises when speakers of as different
languages as Spanish and (eventually) Polish are to communicate within EU fora.
Here, a reduced number of languages would have practical value.  But if English
has been chosen for linking, I would like to know how the French (and Germans)
reacted to that. I would be grateful for some source material here!

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