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Rajarshi Banerjee rajarshi.banerjee at SMGINC.COM
Thu Jan 6 21:13:15 UTC 2000

I am not sure that Indian scripts are lear jets contrasting with
paper planes. Agreed that grammar is well laid out (Panini &
TolkAppiyar) for Indian languages. But not the scripts.

// yes grammar, but what about phonology. Indian scripts are probably the
only serious atempts at sound classification based on point of articulation
voicedness aspiration etc. conjuct consonants can be done away with a simple
modification which takes away the default minimal short vowel associated
with all nagari consonants. Lets have an a kI mAtrA.

Apart from the Western dominance, Roman script's
simplicity is also an important factor.

// One can easily think of schemes which are more efficient than nagari or
english for e.g. 5 basic consonants( k,ch,T,t,p) 3-4 specifiers for
frication voicing aspiration etc 5 short vowels with long versions 2
semivowels ..sibilants..etc such a scheme could easily cover most earthly
languages with less characters than english. Dominance of english is another

Sanskrit or Tamil texts routinely appear in academic publications
in Roman script with diacriticals. Without diacritical marks,
the Harvard-Kyoto convention is used for the entire Monier-Williams
dictionary and the Cologne scheme has the entire Tamil Sangam
texts online.

// How about a roman alpabet which goes like a, A, i, I.. instead of
haphhazard abcd..

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