Indology Technology Methodology: E-textnology

John Robert Gardner jrgardn at EMORY.EDU
Wed Jan 5 16:04:12 UTC 2000

Dominik and List:

In a forthcoming publication, I'm explaining and introducing a new suite
of tools and technology for research in Indology.  There will be working
examples, a full set of resources, tools (which are free), etc.  I'm
figuring there will be follow-up questions and inquiries as to added
applications of the techniques.

My question pertains to the parameters of this list.  I know in the old
days of the list, methodology and technology figured prominently (and,
unfortunately, often used to devolve into font discussions ad infinitem).
It's been a while since the possibilities of electronic text (e-text)
technology --or "e-textnology"--has been discussed widely. I would like to
refer readers of the publication to a list (preferably this one) for
discussion as it would be --it seems-- relevant to this forum, though
perhaps more methodological and even technical in focus than we've been
for a while.

Is this something to which folks would be amenable?  I can promise that
the tools are quite learnable and accessible, and do a great deal more
than the rudimentary search-n-find/cut-n-paste stuff which has been the
predominant resources until now.  I estimate the traffic to not be overly
extensive, but productive.  Beginning sometime in teh next couple months.

thanks in advance,


John Robert Gardner
Emory University
"If there is something you're thinking of doing, or wish you could do,
begin it.  In boldness there is mystery and power . . . . "  -Goethe

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