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 >2) The westernmost Munda dialect... Is it not Kurku (Korku) -
 >Mahadeo Hills and slightly to the west, into Maharashtra? Zograf
 >(p. 152) has 284,000 in 1971; "Ethnologue" 455,436 (?, for 1994).

Thanks for the info. Kurku/Korku is spoken in area close
to Nahali/Nihali spots near Jabalpur, isn't it?

Anything in literature about their movement from the East?

Does the Munda languages arrive in (East) India around 2000 B.C.?
Generally, the Eastern Neolithic culture of India dating from
around 2000 B.C. is ascribed to the Munda tribes.
Also, with the complete absence of retroflexion in Mon-Khmer
languages, the Munda languages seem to have acquired an
incomplete set of retroflexes rather late, after contacting with
IA and Dravidian. So are the other S. Asian areal features in Munda

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