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Artur Karp wrote:
> Looking at what happens at present, one may assume that also in the past
> entering any kind of transaction in multilingual/multicultural millieu
> presupposed ability to negotiate for and effectively use a proper (that
> means:
> situation-specific) instrument of communication - social dialect,
> territorial dialect, other language, link language. In their colloquial
> forms the dialects of the Hindi linguistic area are end-results of such
> processes of negotiation and adjustment.

It is a remarkably succint account of the Hindi-family (pl.dont translate as Parivaar),
working and that is the big future of Hindi as Films, tv, and music-lit,pop fiction and
even translations from other languages,  have shown inspite of all  political hurdles.
Perhaps Magadhi, Aavantika and Praacya and Udiicii may have functioned in a similar way,
more light can be shed by Prakritologists.

> P.S. According to recent rumors that have reached this provincial town of
> Warsaw, not one, but three new States are being planned to be created:
> Chattisgarh, Uttarkhand and Jharkhand. Any truth in it?

Warsaw seems to have the knack of hearing the true rumours. In future, Vidarbha from
Maharashtra and Tailangana from Andhra. This is the end of glosso-centric state carving
and recognistion of economic and administrative reasons for state formation. Let us hope
that there will be Chattisgarhi prize for poetry and Kumaonvi  prize for music, but the
states shall teach standard Hindi in schools and colleges.

Bharat Gupt

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