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Artur Karp schrieb:

> I need the freshest possible data on major languages of India - could you
> please direct me to a web page with solidly grounded statistics (I know of
> Ethnologue)?
> How many constitutional languages does India possess at present?

Dear Artur Karp,


and tables 25 and 26 in particular for the 1991 census data.

Keep in mind that the information of the census always has to be interpreted
carefully, it is not simply to be taken as the objective truth. Compare for
example Krishna, Sumi, India's Living Languages : The Critical Issues, New Delhi
[etc.] 1991.

The Indian Union has 18 "scheduled languages" according to the 8th amendmend of
the constitution. It had been less earlier - first of all, Sindhi was added, and
some years ago Nepali (as the second exterritorial language [English isn't
"scheduled"]), Konkani and Manipuri.



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