Indian Millennium - a 1000 years ago!

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Thanks to Mr. Manivannan who gave pointers:

  From Times of India
  New Year sops for the Cholas
  By Kanwaldeep Singh

Thanjavur: Giving in to the demands of the powerful Manigramam guild,
His Majesty Rajaraja today offered major tax breaks to traders
shipping goods to China and Cambodia. Addressing a Manigramam meeting,
held here to celebrate 15 years of His Majesty's rule, Rajaraja also
promised fresh investments in the shipping sector and statutory powers
to anti-piracy squads.


  mAyA, mAyA!

Advaitins clash in holy town
By Jyotirmaya Sharma

Varanasi: Clashes broke out last night between two groups of
advaitins, disrupting the tranquility of the holiest of the Hindu
cities. In the skirmishes that ensued, the head of the Samkara school
of advaita, Swami Shunyanand Saraswati, was slightly hurt. His
followers accused Swami Dandananda Saraswati of the Mandana Misra
school of resorting to strong-arm tactics.


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