Retroflex and Boghazkoy.

Sybil Kruegel sybil.kruegel at THEOL.UNIBE.CH
Tue Feb 29 06:58:15 UTC 2000

Dear Mr. Degeorge,

Please see:
-Paul Thieme, The Aryan Gods of the Mitanni Treaties, Journal of the
Ancient Oriental Society 80.
-Manfred Mayrhofer: Die Arier im Vorderen Orient-ein Mythos
-A. Kammenhuber on the Kikkuli-Texts (horse training)

Sincerely, S. Kruegel

milton degeorge schrieb:
> Hello list members,
> I have recently heard of the discovery of Sanskrit words in the remains of
> the Hittite capital of Boghazkoy. Being interested in what the words were
> and their characters, where might I find reports on the findings? Could it
> be that some of the words contain characters that are later associated with
> retroflex sounds? Wouldn't that be something?
> Milton DeGeorge Jr.
> Dept. of Languages and Cultures of Asia
> University of Wisconsin-Madison
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