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Sun Feb 27 23:07:31 UTC 2000

In schools. the spelling dictation sessions or spelling tests are called
'Srutalekha' and our summer homework (upto grade 8) in schools comprised
(among other things) of 3-5 Srutalekha tests per week administered by
parents at home. These days, the volume of summer has been reduced
considerably (much to the relief of parents !)

The spelling of words is read out exactly as Dr. Banerjee has stated below.
Students like me found it easier to score in Hindi/Sanskrit Srutalekha
sessions vis a vis Enlish dictation tests because the Devanagari script is
more phonetic.

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From: Rajarshi Banerjee <rajarshi.banerjee at SMGINC.COM>
Subject: Re: Sanskrit Spelling
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 16:55:26 -0500

I have heard people saying aloud things like pa me O ki MAtrA......( put the
O vowel marker on pa) and so on to describe how a word is spelt or written.

There is no notion of spelling or spelling bees in hindi or sanskrit as it
exists in english. saying the syllales aloud would just amount to saying the
word slowly.

regards, R banerjee

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