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Might he mean one of these?:

LC Control Number:       73901235 
Type of Material:        Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.)
Personal Name:           Vimalamitra, 8th cent.
Main Title:              'Jam dpal sgyu 'phrul dr*a [i.e. drwa] ba'i 'grel ba mtshan don
                            gsal bar byed pa'i sgron me ´zes bya ba b´zugs so.
Uniform Title:           [N*amasang*itivrtti n*am*arthaprak*a´sakarnadipa. Tibetan]
Added TP Title:          Mtshan yan dag par brjod pa'i 'grel pa mtshan don gsal bar
                            byed ba'i sgron me
Published/Created:       [Sgan-thog : s.n., 1972]
Description:             88 (i.e. 175) p. in a case ; 10 x 43 cm.
Notes:                   Includes fabricated Sanskrit titles in Lañca and Tibetan scripts.
                         Impressions from blocks preserved in the temple at the Deorali
                            Chorten in Gangtok, Sikkim.
                         "Slob-dpon Bi-ma-la-mi-tras mdzad nas thugs kyi sras
                            =Nan-tin-'dzin gyis ´zus pa'o.  G=nags Dz=n*a-nas bsgyur
                            ba'o."--p. [175].

Subjects:                Tripitaka. S*utrapitaka.  Mañju´sr*in*amasang*iti
LC Classification:       BQ2240.M355 V55 1972
Language Code:           tibsan
CALL NUMBER:             BQ2240.M355 V55 1972 Tib

LC Control Number:       78906065 
Type of Material:        Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.)
Personal Name:           Dpa'-bo-rdo-rje, Grub-chen.
Main Title:              Rje btsun 'Jam pa'i dbyans kyi chos skor dan lhan thabs : a
                           treasured collection of s*adhanas focussing upon
                            Mañjughosa / set down by Grub-chen Dpa'-bo-rdo-rje. With
                            the ´Ses rab snan 'phel of 'Jam-dbyans-'phrin-las of 'Brug-la.
Published/Created:       New Delhi : Ngawang Sopa, 1977.
Related Names:           'Jam-dbyans-'phrin-las, 'Brug-la Mkhan-chen. 'Jam dbyans chos
                            skor nas b´sad pa'i lha tshogs rnams kyi sgrub thabs dan rjes
                            gnan byed tshul gyi cho ga ´ses rab kyi snan 'phel. 1977.
                         Vimalamitra, 8th cent. N*amasang*itivrtti
                            n*am*arthaprak*a´sakarnadipa. Tibetan. 1977.
Description:             571 p. ; 9 x 38 cm.
Notes:                   Title on boards: 'Jam dbyans chos skor.
                         In Tibetan; pref. in English.
                         "Reproduced from texts from the library of Ven. Khri-byan
                         Includes Vimalamitra's N*amasangitivrtti
                            n*am*arthaprak*a´sakaranad*ipa. in Tibetan.
Subjects:                Vimalamitra, 8th cent.  Mañju´sr*in*amasang*it*i. 
                         Tson-kha-pa Blo-bzan-grags-pa, 1357-1419 --Cult.
LC Classification:       BQ4710.M44 T52 1977
CALL NUMBER:             BQ4710.M44 T52 1977 Tib

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